Community Day Festival

Poway Days Dog Dash

Experience fur flying action and adrenaline in the unique dog sport of Flyball!

In Flyball, teams of dogs race each other while hurtling over obstacles to retrieve a spring-loaded ball in a mad dash to the finish.

Presented by SD Flyball, Poway Days is pleased to host this amazing dog sport sure to delight canine enthusiasts as well as thrill seekers. A quickly growing dog sport, Flyball draws comparison to a combination of relay racing and drag racing. Nationally sanctioned by U-FLI (United Flyball League International), Flyball showcases agility, speed, and teamwork.

SD Flyball will put on an exciting tournament all day September 9 at the dog park. It is great fun for everyone involved, not just the fast flying canines.

So unleash your wild side and come expecting to be impressed and entertained at Poway Days Dog Dash 2017!